Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Summer Solstice Picnic at Lake Dixon

June 21, 2008 at Lake Dixon. Took sometime to plan this get together usually held in Mira Mesa. Danny and I convinced my brother Anthony and his fiancee Michelle to get everyone else to agree at the new location. There were some very ideal considerations including access to Lake Dixon where we could do some hiking, boating and even a bit of fishing.

I never anticipated how hot it was going to be put we did have plenty of water and of course, good ole Filipino food. Also, a lot of good company in the form of Family. I hadn't seen my favourite cousin Mimi and had never met her husband until this time and I was so happy to see them both.

My mom didn't mind the heat as much as my dad who had to go up to the car and sit in an air-conditioned climate from time to time. My mom being young at heart managed to get a couple of goofy pictures in, one with her, Mimi and Mimi's mom, my Auntie Cirila.

Here is my Dad with my niece Malaya. He is currently in re-mission from spinal cancer which is another story altogether and I felt blessed that he is still around to enjoy family gatherings with us.

The rest of the pictures shows some of the women of our humble clan, some of the family enjoying a meal, my cousin Sha with the lil man Jeffries and her husband Jerrick and a panorama of the picnic site. We had so much food, my family was a little embarrassed yet not surprised that I invited the family not to far from us to enjoy some of it too which they gladly did. To see some of the video footage of the picnic, just go to this link which should be viewed in high quality.