Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yoga and the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Did you know that according to Wikipedia, Origami historically originated from Tibet and that Yoga is "central to Tibetan Buddhism?"

“Historically, Tibet is considered the home of the ancient art of paper folding known as Origami. The tradition started as an artistic way of folding chanted or meditated mantras into decorative shapes in order to help spread their influence over the world.”

I have always been intrigued by the Buddhist culture and will be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about the religion yet have found myself drawn to the simplistic and spiritual aspect related to it. I have even tried to incorporate Yoga in my daily existence to help me achieve a sense of balance, deeper understanding and compassion for the World I live in.


For the most part and because I would like to think I have matured and grown a bit more patient if not wiser, this approach has been relatively effective. I say relatively because it seems to be for some, more ideal to incorporate such philosophies while disregarding the plight of those that brought such concepts and approaches to light.

Yes, I speak of the current crisis that is happening in Tibet. It’s people who are suppressed by an oppressive government. A government who has displaced even it’s own poor for the sake of building the facilities being used for the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing.

Why do we as a Country, speak of Freedoms and Democracy yet remain silent on China’s insistence on suppressing the Rights and Freedoms of Others? Are we so shallow that we tend only to the novelties of Eastern Civilizations, the Art and Sculptures that adorn our very own surroundings presumptuous in our belief that we are therefore as equally Enlightened by doing so?

I for one will not hesitate to boycott the Olympic Games held in Beijing. If I were to discuss the numerous Human Rights violations related to how China governs it’s People, I might just feel inclined to publish a book. As it stand’s, China’s actions with regards to Tibet and it’s people are in direct contrast to the spirit and purpose of The Games and I will not contribute to how it is being undermined by participating as a willing spectator.


The More Things Change...

...the more they seem to remain the same. Quite sad really how we as a society tend to just sit around and analyze the ongoing issues that goes on around us, we critique them, dissect them, form opinions of them to eventually support those in positions of leadership we believe are best suited to address and resolve them.

Yet as time passes, does it not seem as if for all the moments we commit to resolving the current problems, nothing really changes.

There is still hunger and poverty throughout the World no matter the Band Aids. Democracy even in our own backyard is undermined by the unreasonable presumptions brought on by our very own fears. Corruption and greed persist at the expense of the well intentioned and common of all people and our response for the most part? We alleviate being enveloped by the sheer madness of it all by shopping or stuffing our faces and/or engage in the tried and true method of pointing the blame at someone and or something else.

It's the Liberals, the NeoCons or Fundamentalist Muslims. It's the Blacks, the White so called Power Elitists, the Christians, the Gay Community, the Illegal Immigrants. We were touched inappropriately at a young age, not privileged enought to receive a good education, had to raise a child as a teenage mother.

Anything to deflect from where the true burden lies in how we can truely engage and act upon our common hopes in bringing about the necessary changes in our World. Instead we let others do our thinking for us. Out of convenience and the easily attainable notion of comfort and complacency, we let others convince us of the appropriate opinions and or beliefs to be upheld and are content in mimicking the current catch phrase of the day to later on complain when as always, the wool once again is pulled over our very eyes.

I make no attempts to minimize the pain one goes through on a personal basis and I myself as has everyone, experienced and some ways continue to deal with the difficulties associated with living Life yet, I have nevertheless endeavored to approach it by remaining positive. I have tried to employ kindness and compassion to everything and everyone I encounter but it always results in an eventual drowning of my Soul in the despair and hopelessness of the current times and attitudes around me.

We are a people of extreme contradictions groomed throughout the ages and without a second thought to say things we don't necessarily mean. If we all just slowly but surely resolve to give ourselves the most frank of assessments, that would be a good start in achieving a foundation of recognizing what therefore can be deemed the best for others. That would be a good start in effecting the changes we had the courage to first initiate within OURSELVES.