Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorry for all the delays...

I have been so swamped with all the current events that is and about to happen. The past months have been invigoratingly challenging.

I believe for the most part, the City and Public Works is aware clearly of the ongoing issue related to the encampments South of Harmony Grove Road. As can be attested through the many footages I have acquired and that I will soon compile and release, Public Works has been tremendous in the commitments they have exhibited in helping to do their part in resolving these concerns.

The encampments not only hosted many lost and dejected souls but diseases and squalor as well. That was cleared out about 2 and a half months ago with at least 5000 pounds of trash removed from the area some contributed by the transients while most was an accumulation of the trash and debris from the urban sub-shed. On that note, the catchments have been recently and consistently maintained as well thanks to the dedication of Public Works.

As for the vagrants located under the 15 overpass, in these times, it seems as if the number of homeless people in our community has increased. Fortunately with the continued interest amongst private citizens to assure that the public restrooms in Grape Day Park are free of drug activity, that the potential illicit deals that have occurred in the horseshoe area throughout the years does not continue to be a haven for such criminal elements, there are those in the transient community who in times past would have cooperated with said elements in distributing and or consuming such dangerously addictive substances such as Chrystal Methamphetamine onto our streets now think twice in doing so and all through volunteer activism in documenting such activities through photographs and video footages.

I have also been interested in working with some of the innkeepers/ bar operators in the area, especially the Mount Vernon Inn, the Californian, Motel 6, Palm Tree Lodge, and Woody's in helping to report such activities like prostitution and drug transactions they suspect is occurring on their property. I mean seriously, what is the use of building new hotels in the city when we have motels and other businesses that attract and promote activities that lead a particular area into blight.

If these business owners don't do more to assist in promoting an ideal atmosphere for the City that is orientated in Public Safety so that we can move forward in bringing a more positive light to how Escondido is perceived, I believe we should develop ordinances or put forth enhancements that allows for the City to go after these type of operators vigorously. We as a community should NEVER HAVE TO TOLERATE PROSTITUTION AND OR ILLICIT DRUG ACTIVITIES.

For the most part though, many people are receptive and open to being more conscience of the concerns, being more active in voicing their stance on what is good for this community. Escondido is very unique in it's heritage and culture as well as it's diversity. We should celebrate this City for the positive manner in which we can co-exist and work at resolving our differences. Their is a lot of potential for us to recognize and exhibit the character and flavour that uniqueness provides to and for us.

Regardless of creed, colour and or social economic status, we can come together and amongst us and as a result of our commitment and cooperation, our children can develop into accomplished musicians, graffiti artists, teachers, nurses, athletes, restaurateurs, social workers, etc...

It starts now and not just as another seeming novelty of civic duty and responsibility but as a true and sustainable approach in recognizing that we as a community can not tolerate a continued oblivious state of mind when it comes to the environment especially in relation to the city's flood control channel. That the bike/path that runs beside it and throughout the city can be critical in having a huge impact on the bringing forth the many different elements together so that we can therefore attract events, marathons and benefit marches like a 5K run that can be held in memory of Sgt. Geoff Galindo , a very well liked officer in the department who died unexpectedly in November of last year.

He is best described as "a native of Escondido who was
committed to our community and the profession of law of
enforcement... one who spent many hours mentoring the youth."