Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

To say the least, yes, I am so disappointed. There is a huge pile of trash just 50 yards from the maintenance road that has been there since last week. It is at least 100 bags of trash each weighing at a about 25 pounds each. The day before Thanksgiving, it is still there and some have been swept back into the creek because of the rain. On Thanksgiving Day, I go down at around 7:30 in the morning to video document the water flow and the camp is surrounded by water and inaccessible. Here is the video.

As for the run-off from the city from this recent rain, it is abundantly clear that the catchment system employed is ineffective simply since it never seems to get cleared out.

The smaller objects make it through and the transients collected a bucketful of balls to prove the point.

The larger objects for a large part is trapped by the screen yet heavier water flows just results in those items eventually cresting over the catchment to eventually end up downstream. I wonder what Harmony Grove, San Elijo Hills and those communities where some of this trash can eventually end up would think of all this.

But yes, instead of having turkey, I felt like one. It is such an uphill battle and maybe I expect too much but wouldn't it be ironic how in trying to not spend the appropriate resources in cleaning up this mess, Escondido somehow ends up being fined and having to spend that in addition as well. Just the usual bureaucratic shell game and there is so much that can be done creatively to help solve this problem. I am planning on moving the trash up to the road myself though sometime this week. "D" will document it all and although it is going to be some work, I will approach it with an upbeat attitude.